Advent Penance Service 2018

November 27 – 6:30pm

In preparing for this Advent Season we have organized a
Penance service to prepare our hearts and minds for the
coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. We will have five priest
available to hear confessions. We hope everyone can take
advantage of this great opportunity.

We would like to share with you these five steps to making
a good confession:

1. Examine your conscience
Before we enter the Confessional, we should begin
with prayer. We should review our lives since our
last confession, searching our thoughts, words and
actions for that which did not conform to God’s
command to love Him and one another through His
laws and the laws of His Church. This is called
an examination of conscience.
2. Contrition
Tell God how truly sorry you are for your sins. Make
a firm resolution not to sin again.
3. Confession
Confess all of your mortal sins to the priest in number
and kind. Without being strictly necessary, confession
of everyday faults (venial sins) is nevertheless
strongly recommended by the Church.
4. Satisfaction
Completing the penance imposed by the priest
Raised up from sin, the sinner must still recover his
full spiritual health by doing something more to
make amends for the sin: he must “make satisfaction
for” or “expiate” his sins. This satisfaction is
also called “penance.”