New Protocol for In-person Meetings held in the Parish


  • Groups need pastor’s permission to meet, this is not blanket permission for other groups; they need to ask individually and be able to meet these requirements consistently.
  • I will continue to ask all groups to do whatever possible by remote meetings wherever possible in order to minimize risk.
  • Only adult groups are given permission to meet at this time. As time goes on, we will evaluate the health situation and see how things are going.
  • Governor-ordered capacity limits must be observed, which is 20 people per 1,000 square feet. This applies to the space, not to the group, meaning if there’s two groups meeting in the same space they are counted as one group.
  • Everyone must wear a mask on parish property. The only exception is for someone for whom masks may cause a detriment to their health, in which case I need that person to speak to me individually.
  • Proper social distancing must be maintained at all times.
    Everything used and all common surfaces, including furniture, handrails, doorknobs, (doors to the room and exterior doors) etc. is sanitized before and after the meeting.
  • All groups should also disinfect the bathrooms at the end of each meeting, regardless of whether anyone was known to have used it. Please complete the checklist so that we can ensure everyone is being kept safe.
  • We ask that groups assist us with cleaning supplies, especially surface cleaning (wipes and sprays) due to the cost and difficulty obtaining them on an ongoing basis. Sanitizing products should be store bought not homemade, and verified with
    Fr. Andrew.
  • This goes into effect on October 9, the effective date of the Governor’s latest order.
    If the health situation changes, or the governor’s or the bishop’s directives change, we will modify our practice to meet the current requirements and needs.
  • As long as you can continue to meet those requirements you can meet on church grounds.

NOTE: Holy Angels meeting reservations need to be scheduled with Angelica